Defining Happiness.

It would be easy to say that happiness is simply the absence of suffering, but I don’t believe that fully encompasses what happiness truly is.
It is possible for one to suffer and be happy.  Some of the happiest people on the planet live in places where suffering is common and occurs everyday.  In fact, suffering can often lead to the most elated moments of happiness.
I also don’t believe that happiness is simply getting what you want.  There are plenty of examples of people who have everything they want and they are miserable.  We have all seen this.
So, what is happiness?  I believe there are three major parts:
  1. The ability to observe emotions; not be controlled by them.
  2. The ability to accept things as they are.
  3. Helping others; getting outside ourselves.

Emotions push people around and carry them in a state of constant flux.  One cannot be at peace when constantly being pushed this way and that by every emotion that pops up.  Learning, not so much to control but to be aware of your emotions, is a skill that will produce a huge amount of peace and well-being.  Emotions are have the most control when we are not paying attention to them.  Meditation is a great tool to get outside the “mindless” travel from one emotion to the next.

Happiness is also affected when we cannot accept things for what they are and are constantly trying to change circumstance, people and the world to match our thought process.  This does not mean that we cannot have desires and things to strive for, but we have to be able to accept where we are in this moment if we want peace and true happiness.  Always looking for the next best thing will ensure that you never find it.

Happiness also comes from helping.  Help others, stop thinking about yourself and you will find yourself happy more often than not.  Do something nice for another person when you are feeling sad, angry or negative, and see how quickly it turns your day around.

An immense amount of unhappiness stems from people looking for happiness too hard.

Happiness is a celebration of the journey of life; both the good and bad, the known and unknown.

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